To arrive at the heart and soul of the Calchaquí Valley one embarks on an incredible journey through the Quebrada de Cafayate, an impressive canyon of red mountains that reach high into the sky. Here, the vineyards have gained renown not only because they exist at the highest elevations where grapes are grown — vineyards here often start a mile above sea level and extend upwards for another mile — but also because Argentina’s vibrancy and exceptional wines are showcased in nnn
everybottle. Diversity in soil types, varietals and winemaking styles offer a signature that is becoming instantly known around the world. Cafayate is more than simply the site for some of the world’s most spectacular vineyards. Its charm as a center for handicrafts and tourism make Cafayate and Salta among Argentina’s most treasured and important destinations for discriminating and adventurous travelers.

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