Amalaya was Donald Hess first investment in Argentina in the vineyards of Arenal. It represented the “Hope for a Miracle”, a plantation in an unused land, no one ever sowed soil before, not even the Incas. Amalaya was the word that captivated Hess from the very first day. It refers to an expression of desire used by natives.
The Amalaya wines stem from an experiment at Bodega Colomé. The idea was to find alternative varieties for Malbec to make a great product. “If blends are successful in the Old World, why can’t we have them here?”, were the words uttered by Donald Hess in 2003. Years later, Colomé’s expansion drove him to search for the versatility of the New World, in a quest to find new wines.
Bodega Amalaya is part of Hess Family Estates, a Swiss company that owns wineries in the United States and Argentina. Hess Family Estates has specialised in making and marketing top quality wines in constant association with art, food and tourism.
Amalaya means «Hope for a Miracle» in native language. the miracle is revealed from the heart of the Cafayate desert in a mystical and magic way, in order to provide us vines with excellent quality. The holistic circle embodies the fertility of the «pachamama» or «mother earth».
Ever since 2010, Amalaya has joined the many projects of Donald Hess in Argentina, and together with Bodega Colomé, has proved the strong commitment and stake of the company in the region of the high Calchaqui Valleys, in the Northwest of Salta province.
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